• Move to the Cloud

    Become independent from your office and work from anywhere.

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We understand that times are changing.


Being tied to a physical location can be a pain. What if you had the ability to work wherever you wanted, with the same seamless access to assets as if you were in the office?

JS Tech can migrate your existing IT environment to the cloud, for:


Independence from your office

Nearly 100% guaranteed uptime

Secure access from anywhere

Scalability without costly upgrades

What goes into a cloud migration?

We dig deep to seamlessly migrate your technology to the cloud:


We take the time to understand the different departments or groups of your organization and their reliance on IT systems


We investigate each existing server and cloud provider and understand efficiencies and interconnects


We inspect your digital pipelines – how your deals move through IT systems – and design cloud systems to maximize your productivity

We bring a rigorous implementation process to ensure that your transition is customized to your needs and deployed in record time.

You have options

We use a variety of techniques to migrate your digital footprint to the cloud

SaaS migration

SaaS migration

Migration of on-site servers to platforms hosted by third party companies in the cloud.

Virtual migration

Virtual migration

The virtual build of servers to match decommissioned physical servers, and transfer of data to the cloud.



Physical move of proprietary servers to a local datacenter for uninterrupted access.



Rebuild of proprietary servers for maximum productivity and minimum cost in the data center.

You don’t have to be tied to your office!

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