Joseph L Stornelli - Principal

Joseph (Joe) has been working with computers and networks for over ten years. He has designed solutions for Fortune 100 corporations and small businesses. His experience in finance and project management allows him to suggest high ROI improvements to clients and execute them seamlessly.


Theodore Chang - Lead Technologist

Theodore (Theo) is the interface between the client's vision and the JS Tech team. He focuses on rectifying design plans with actual site conditions. Theo's background in computer science allows him to problem solve quickly and obtain strong outcomes.


Adelfeus Cole - Technologist

Adelfeus (Del) grounds himself in the design side of the tech world. His experience is in creating and organizing network systems.  Having worked with NYU's IT department, he has knowledge of tech related issues and a genuine passion for client advocacy.


Wyatt Lien - Technologist

Wyatt brings technical hardware experience to JS Tech, dealing with a variety of networks and electrical systems. His deep understanding of integrated circuitry makes highly custom integrations possible.