We love giving back to our communities.


While JS Tech has been helping NYC small businesses for the past 11 years, we’ve also been a part of helping the greater community.

Just as a strong IT infrastructure provides the foundation for a successful business, JS Tech believes that a strong community provides a great foundation for a prosperous future.

Here are some of JS Tech’s charitable projects:

Pro-bono work for Hand in Hand for Haiti

Rebuilding a school's failing IT infrastructure

JS Tech first became aware of the Lycée Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable school in Haiti in 2014, while developing an iPad application for distance learning among students. Joe discovered that ISP (internet service provider) Digicel had created a rudimentary campus network that had fallen into disrepair. Nearly all of the repeaters placed by the ISP were non-functional, so most of the 30+ acre campus went without wifi.
JS Tech solicited massive equipment and time donations to construct a sustainable data network at the school. Using point-to-point radios from Ubiquiti Networks (NYSE:UI), pre-terminated fiber cables, and CAT5e ethernet, JS Tech created a resilient network to deliver high-speed internet access to the campus’s 22 buildings. The network supports a variety of pedagogical applications, including smart boards, distance learning, and electronic labs. The young students are better connected to their world, and benefit from global lessons and influence.


“You are making a big difference in our students and staff lives alike.”

Olivier Bottrie, Founder – Hand in Hand for Haiti

Pro-bono work for the Sisters Academy

Remote learning setup to adapt to COVID 19

JS Tech became familiar with the Sisters Academy in Asbury Park through a contact of Joe’s from Habitat for Humanity. Due to the conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sisters Academy purchased 50 Dell Chromebooks and remote learning software to provide home-based learning for its students. The academy envisioned simple privacy controls to keep students and their parents safe, but the vendor’s white glove support staff could only help so much with proprietary software.
JS Tech gladly took on this project and remotely set up their fleet of Chromebooks. JS Tech was able to configure each learning device with safe browsing tools, allowing the Sisters Academy to progress with their curriculum planned for the fall. The 60 girls and staff of Sisters Academy will rely on the devices set up by JS Tech for learning this coming school year.


"We're grateful for your generosity and willingness to share your talents and skills."

Rose LoCastro, Tutor – Sisters Academy of Asbury Park

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