Size: 50-150 employees

 Location: New York, New York

 Industry: E-Commerce

 Investment: $5,000-$10,000 per month

Grailed, a high-profile company, was struggling with connectivity issues. Their 50-person team was dealing with inconsistent workflows as a big move loomed on the horizon. While Grailed was worried about bringing in experts just before an office move, they knew that they needed to address their crippling IT gaps as soon as possible.

The Story of Grailed

Grailed is a rapidly growing e-commerce marketplace for men’s high-end streetwear and designer pieces. Their platform has become an exceptional meeting ground for enthusiasts to explore their fashion tastes with the chance to buy and sell unique clothing. Since their founding in 2013, Grailed has stopped at nothing to reach new heights in providing truly authentic fashion for the people of NYC.

Grailed has always been able to discern the needs of their customers, which has set them apart from competitors. They have grown so well organically because of the community they have built. It was because of their strengths that they were successful in their funding, recently raising $60 million. This will allow for further improvements to their processes and ensure their standing as one of the hottest fashion pages in the business.

The Challenge

Grailed came to us with an issue: their current consumer-grade Netgear router was simply not cutting it. Interruptions in wifi, poor signals in conference rooms, and frequent outages with a growing staff was not going to help them succeed. What they needed was a true IT partner.

 The Solution

Because Grailed was in the process of moving offices, they were hesitant to make a large investment to rebuild IT. Time and budget constraints meant that subscribing to JS Technology services was the perfect solution. For a simple monthly fee, Grailed could start small and scale services as needed.

JS Tech started by replacing their outdated router with an enterprise wifi system, ran cabling, and used multiple access points to ensure full coverage throughout the office–even the notoriously spotty conference rooms. Grailed was problem-free for the remaining months in the office, allowing for more productivity than stress.

Now in their new office space, Grailed has relied on JS Tech as the sole vendor for all things IT. Grailed’s space allows them to work smoothly and efficiently. First, they can trust that the office is safe and secure with newly installed security cameras and tap entry via employees’ phones. Then, by mapping out their network topology, JS Tech found the best way to drive wireless engineering in the building. Grailed’s remodeled wifi and internet, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, means that work can keep flowing.

 The Result

Grailed’s IT experience is now as painless as possible. From managed computer systems to Zoom rooms for better conferencing, Grailed can trust that technology isn’t going to hold them back. With the bones of the system set in place, there is not much that Grailed needs to do or even think about–not even reporting outages because JS Tech’s engineers are already on it.

Grailed and JS Tech still continue their partnership to ensure exceptional IT support. With regular communication and maintenance, together they solve problems, innovate and grow, and exceed expectations.

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