Hand in Hand for Haiti

Failed ISP network leaves students in the digital dark

JS Tech first became aware of the Lycée Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable school in Haiti in 2014, while developing an iPad application for distance learning among students. Joe met Olivier, one of the school’s founders, who volunteered to test the application at his school, but had no internet connection to support it. After traveling to Haiti on an exploratory mission in February 2015, Joe discovered that ISP (internet service provider) Digitel had created a rudimentary campus network that had fallen into disrepair. Nearly all of the repeaters placed by the ISP were non-functional, so most of the 30+ acre campus went without wifi.

Wifi brings global learning to every classroom

JS Tech solicited massive equipment and time donations to construct a sustainable data network st the school. Using point-to-point radios from Ubiquiti Networks (NYSE:UBNT), pre-terminated fiber cables, and CAT5e ethernet, JS Tech created a resilient network to deliver high-speed internet access to the campus’s 22 buildings. Vendors such as Tripp-Lite, Sophos, and Zyxel donated various networking equipment and software to the project. Labor was provided by a team of industry volunteers coordinated by JS Tech, who built the data network, and continue to return to maintain it. The network supports a variety of pedagogical applications, including smart boards, distance learning, and electronic labs. The young students are better connected to their world, and benefit from global lessons and influence.



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"You are making a big difference in our students and staff lives alike."

Olivier Bottrie, Founder – Hand in Hand for Haiti

The Infatuation

No conventional alternative to poor internet connectivity

Once an old factory on Broadway and Canal, the headquarters for the Infatuation offered limited connectivity. Spectrum was the only broadband available. Because of aging hardware at street level, outages were common. Midday internet brownouts left the staff hanging in the middle of their work. “Do we work out of a Starbucks? Run to AT&T and buy six hotspots?” With only five tenants in the building, no fiber provider was interested in providing service.

Internet from the sky, installed in record time

Instead of running dark fiber from the street, JS Tech contracted with a fixed wireless provider to deliver internet from the rooftop. Time was of the essence to replace the failing Spectrum connection. An installation team came out to survey the day after the contract was signed, and the service was fully installed within two weeks of signing – a feat that would have taken months for fiber. Best of all, the Infatuation still benefits from an ultra high speed and low latency connection at a great price.


Vendors used by the Infatuation:

Other services used by the Infatuation:

Wireless optimization

Internet-of-things (IoT)

Voice-over-IP phones


"Joe helped us get set up with a backup system for when our local internet has slow points. Has been great."

Sam Faye, Director of Operations – The Infatuation

MSM Wellness

Frequent disconnects frustrate doctors and patients

MSM Wellness was a leader when it implemented Electronic Medical Records for its patients. But, an aging data network caused regular outages in communication, preventing office computers from writing to the firm’s patient database. A closer look revealed a sub-professional installation: network equipment lived in a high-traffic area behind the front desk, and wires that extended throughout the office were damaged. Nothing was labeled, making wires difficult to trace, and none of the wiring followed ANSI standards.

New cabling allows 24/7 access to critical medical systems

Remaining sensitive to the firm’s cost and space concerns, JS Tech designed a “floating network closet” for MSM. The cabinet occupies unused space in the firm’s administrative area and houses their modem, router and network switch. For future use, we ran two cables to every location around the office, so that soon, money-saving Voice-over-IP phones can be added seamlessly. Best of all, we haven’t made a single network-related service call since the system was installed in 2014.


Vendors used at MSM Wellness:

Other services used at MSM Wellness:

Wireless optimization

HIPAA compliance consulting

IT security audit


"I've been using Joe for many years. He keeps my offices running smoothly."

David Bernstein, Manager – MSM Wellness

The St. Tropez Condominium

Dated IT and security systems leave residents behind

The St. Tropez Condominium was ahead of its time in 1964, when it was constructed. With a 15th floor pool deck and (then) modern amenities, it was a symbol of the co-op age, and the first co-op in Manhattan. The building underwent a substantial renovation in the 1980s, with appointments that were severely dated by post-millennial standards. Technology and communication suffered with a 1990’s retrofitted data and camera network.

Tech integrated seamlessly with aesthetic renovations

The building approved a $4.5 MM referendum to renovate in 2016. JS Tech contracted for a state-of-the-art HD surveillance network, modern touch-screen computers, and wifi throughout the common spaces. The building would have to remain operational throughout renovations. Taking a phased approach, JS Tech transitioned from analog cameras, to analog cameras on a digital system, and finally to pure digital surveillance cameras with minimal downtime.
JS Tech introduced new computers and surveillance technologies gradually, training staff at every step of the way. Working closely with construction company Murphy Kennedy Group, Architect Palette, and Interior Designer Wilson & Company, JS Tech delivered a functional result integrated with the aesthetics of the project. Residents can now take advantage of enhanced security, communication, and wifi on the three common levels of the building.


Vendors used at the St. Tropez:


"I can’t say enough about how great it was working with JS Tech on our technology upgrades. From start to finish everyone was highly professional and always took the time to ensure that our services were up and running."

Edwin Pinzón, Former Resident Manager – The St. Tropez Condominium