Size: 11-50 employees

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Industry: Event space

Investment: $1,000-$5,000 per month

While Weylin is lauded for its beautiful historic            architecture, the old building proved to be an issue for modern technology. Staff and guests alike were experiencing spotty wifi. What Weylin needed was  improved network topology, but it would take some  strategic planning to improve the IT without compromising  the aesthetic that the venue was known for.


  The Story of Weylin




Weylin was once upon a time the Williamsburgh Savings Bank. This historic New York landmark was built in 1875 by renowned architects George B. Post and Peter B. Wright in 1875. After an award-winning restoration, Weylin was born. The venue is now one of the city’s most sought-after event spaces thanks to its timeless beauty.

Weylin has become a multifunctional, cultural, and community hub. This premier space hosts various events from weddings and galas to performances, art shows, and experiential activations.

  The Challenge

Weylin occupies one of Brooklyn’s most iconic buildings-–the 140+ year old Williamsburgh Savings Bank. Built from stone, the bank was a nightmare for delivering a consistent wifi experience. The rotunda offered little space to hang access points, and Weylin required that devices be hidden so as not to detract from the venue’s aesthetic. This meant that Weylin provided wifi via five-year-old Ruckus devices, hidden behind stone paneling. The stone absorbed most of the signal, leaving spotty wifi throughout the venue.

  The Solution

A new data network, built on state-of-the-art high density wireless access points, stealthily delivers wifi. Each new access point provides high-speed, low latency internet to hundreds of patrons. Their design is so attractive that Weylin amended its visual impact rule to allow the APs to hang out in the open. All seven access points were tuned across three floors to offer a seamless experience. Coverage is unprecedented, and the venue’s clients have never been happier.

  The Result

Weylin now provides clients and guests with reliable internet access without compromising the building’s historic beauty. Weylin now has the capability to host a wider array of events. Thanks to a full and up-to-date IT system, Weylin has seen an impressive ROI from tech conferences and live streaming–they host the financial Fluidity Summit! Improved IT means an improved event experience for Weylin guests.


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