Century-old architecture impedes wifi

Weylin occupies one of Brooklyn’s most iconic buildings – the 140+ year old Williamsburg Savings Bank. Built from stone, the bank is a nightmare for delivering a consistent wifi experience. The rotunda has little space to hang access points, and Weylin demands that devices be hidden, so as not to detract from the venue’s aesthetic. Weylin provided wifi via five-year-old Ruckus devices, hidden behind stone paneling. The stone absorbed most of the signal, leaving spotty wifi throughout the venue. 

Engineered network delivers stealth wireless

JS Tech engineered a new data network built on state-of-the-art high density wireless access points. The new access points from Ubiquiti serve hundreds of patrons each, while delivering high access speeds and low latency. Their design is so attractive that Weylin amended its visual impact rule to allow the APs to hang unobstructed. JS Tech tuned all seven access points across three floors to offer a seamless experience. Coverage is unprecedented, and the venue’s clients have never been happier.


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