Triptent, Inc.


Company: Triptent

Size: 11-50 employees

Location: New York, New York

Industry: Creative Advertising

Investment: $5,000-$10,000 per month

A creative team frustrated by crashing systems and digital file issues. Troubleshooting that delayed projects by hours or even days. Triptent needed to address their short-term challenges, but they also needed to stand up a stronger technology base. So they brought in JS Tech to be their strategic IT partner.

The Client

Triptent is a creative ad agency based in NYC. This mid-sized company focuses on strategy, design, creativity, and production. Their loyal partnerships and productive workflow set them apart within their industry. Founded in 2012, Triptent has worked tirelessly to guide their clients’ brands towards success and recognition.

For example, Triptent’s partnership with Pandora (circa 2015) enabled smart in-store and outdoor advertising, along with personable and impactful corporate videos. As an agency that works diligently to create beauty for every brand it collaborates with, Triptent knows that strong service is the backbone of its business.

The Challenge

Triptent came to us with a problem. Their IT was a mess. Employees called frequently with crashes and file system issues. And JS Tech operatives were onsite weekly to fix complaints such as system crashes, digital filing issues, troubleshooting, etc. The company was forced to be reactive to their IT challenges.

While the measures JS Tech provided were helpful, they didn’t resolve the underlying problems. Each call Triptent had to make set them back hours on their projects. And a lack of internal MSP or a solid IT team cost them client deliverables and resulted in sky high tech fees.

The Solution

JS Tech recognized the bigger picture. They realized that downtime and recurring issues were decreasing Triptent’s productivity. JS Tech proposed a long-term solution: to be Triptent’s strategic IT partner.

JS Tech onboarded Triptent, installing proactive maintenance software on every computer. Additionally, they reconfigured Triptent’s technology infrastructure by installing new cabling and wifi. The number of problems dropped overnight.

With proactive maintenance and back-end monitoring, JS Tech was able to tackle Triptent’s most serious issues.

The Result

JS Tech didn’t stop there. The focus shifted to tech-related strategic planning. Triptent was able to look holistically at their technology needs, making strides in production and storage protocols, backup and recovery, fleet management, wifi, and other neglected areas that needed refinement.

JS Tech was able to catch these issues before they escalated to system crashes, downtime, and loss of productivity. And, even better, JS Tech was able to patch these holes without disrupting Triptent’s workflow.

Triptent and JS Tech are still partnering to deliver world-class service. In addition to back-end monitoring, JS Tech provides help desk support for Triptent’s employees, decreasing their downtime and overall tech issues. JS Tech is in regular communication with Triptent’s offices to maintain systems, train new users, and brainstorm new ideas to drive productivity through technology solutions.

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"Smart, solution-based firm. Accessibility to the team for troubleshooting is outstanding and friendly. To this day we are partnering with JS Tech because of flexibility and effective solutions."

Alex Lose, Director of Content – Triptent

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