The Infatuation

Internet Service / Managed Wifi

No conventional alternative to poor internet connectivity

Once an old factory on Broadway and Canal, the headquarters for the Infatuation offered limited connectivity. Spectrum was the only broadband available. Because of aging hardware at street level, outages were common. Midday internet brownouts left the staff hanging in the middle of their work. “Do we work out of a Starbucks? Run to AT&T and buy six hotspots?” With only five tenants in the building, no fiber provider was interested in providing service.

Internet from the sky, installed in record time

Instead of running dark fiber from the street, JS Tech contracted with a fixed wireless provider to deliver internet from the rooftop. Time was of the essence to replace the failing Spectrum connection. An installation team came out to survey the day after the contract was signed, and the service was fully installed within two weeks of signing – a feat that would have taken months for fiber. Best of all, the Infatuation still benefits from an ultra high speed and low latency connection at a great price.



"Joe helped us get set up with a backup system for when our local internet has slow points. Has been great."

Sam Faye, Director of Operations – The Infatuation

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