The Infatuation

Size: 50-150 employees

Location: New York, New York

Industry: Online Media

Investment: $1,000-$5,000 per month

Once an old factory on Broadway and Canal, the headquarters for The Infatuation offered limited connectivity. Frequent internet outages were taking over, leaving the staff hanging in the midst of their work. With only five tenants in the building, no fiber provider was interested in offering their services. The Infatuation desperately needed reliable internet to get business back on track.



The Story of The  Infatuation


The Infatuation is an all-in-one website, app, newsletter, and recommendation platform. Designed to give individuals the most honest and trustworthy reviews on food, they send highly-skilled editors and writers to try all sorts of restaurants around the world. Their methodology is to show up unannounced, compensate for the experience themselves, and always call it like they see it.

Founded over a decade ago, the Infatuation has fostered tremendous growth while continuing to give back to the people of NYC and abroad. In 2018, they acquired Zagat, the restaurant review brand from Google–Talk about iconic! The Infatuation has quickly established itself to be one of the most influential, powerful, and useful restaurant discovery platforms out there.

  The Challenge

The Infatuation needed a change. Their aging hardware was leading to huge gaps in connectivity. Spectrum was the only broadband provider available, and their alternative solutions were not looking great either: “Do we work out of Starbucks for the day or run to AT&T to buy six hotspots?” These temporary solutions were just not enough, and the business could not hold out much longer.

  The Solution

The Infatuation needed a solid plan, so they reached out to JS Tech to create one for them. Rather than running dark fiber from the street, which would take 90 days or more, the best option was to deliver wireless internet from the rooftop. Time was of the essence to replace the Spectrum connection; just one day after the contract was signed, the Infatuation had an installation team on-site to survey the area. With JS Tech’s direction, the Infatuation saw a full installation within two weeks, a feat that would have taken months with fiber.

  The Result

The Infatuation now reaps the benefits of an ultra high-speed and low-latency connection at a great price. The company no longer has to fret about how to meet deadlines when they can’t get online because JS Tech guarantees flawless internet 99.99% of the time.

All that the Infatuation needed was a partner that would look out for them. These new and seamless connections propelled their productivity and workflow towards great success.



"Joe helped us get set up with a backup system for when our local internet has slow points. Has been great."

                 Sam Faye, Director of Operations – The Infatuation

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