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Frequent disconnects frustrate doctors and patients

MSM Wellness was a leader when it implemented Electronic Medical Records for its patients. But, an aging data network caused regular outages in communication, preventing office computers from writing to the firm’s patient database. A closer look revealed a sub-professional installation: network equipment lived in a high-traffic area behind the front desk, and wires that extended throughout the office were damaged. Nothing was labeled, making wires difficult to trace, and none of the wiring followed ANSI standards.

New cabling allows 24/7 access to critical medical systems

Remaining sensitive to the firm’s cost and space concerns, JS Tech designed a “floating network closet” for MSM. The cabinet occupies unused space in the firm’s administrative area and houses their modem, router and network switch. For future use, we ran two cables to every location around the office, so that soon, money-saving Voice-over-IP phones can be added seamlessly. Best of all, we haven’t made a single network-related service call since the system was installed in 2014.


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"I've been using Joe for many years. He keeps my offices running smoothly."

David Bernstein, Manager – MSM Wellness

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