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Data vulnerable on standalone external hard drives

As a rapidly-growing ad agency and production house, Identity Media is constantly generating digital content. Every hour of video adds hundreds of gigabytes to their collection. The footage is irreplaceable, and must be accessed by multiple parties at once for post-production tasks.
Identity had been storing footage on an army of external hard drives. The drives were configured for RAID0, doubling the possibility for data loss on each. Editors had to share drives to work on different parts of production, and no backup measures were in place. This imposed time-related costs, as well as high potential for data loss.

Storage system protects footage and allows for resource sharing

JS Tech replaced Identity’s independent drives with a single, network-accessible storage cluster. Their team uses Adobe Premiere with the system, sharing HD video clips and 4k raw footage. Off-site backup to AWS protects against accidental deletion and catastrophic failure. Drive, network, and power redundancy ensure as close to 100% uptime as possible. And, should anything go wrong, Identity’s team and JS Tech receive notifications via email. In many cases, the device can heal itself with zero downtime.



"I greatly appreciate the upfront time given to evaluating my organization before recommending options. "

Alex Lose, Identity Media