Our managed Zoom rooms take the guesswork out of hosting effective meetings. Our design experts choose the right hardware so that you can be seen and heard in any size room.

As with all of our elite services, we design and install your Zoom room, and provide unlimited training and support. You experience:

Crystal clear HD videoconferencing

Screen sharing via HDMI and wireless via a sleek touchscreen controller

Face tracking and advanced multi-point audio with noise cancelling

Optional meeting recordings

No more technical difficulties.

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  • 1-4 PEOPLE

    Focus Rooms and Executive Offices

    For smaller spaces such as focus rooms, phone booths, or an Executive office, leverage all-in-one devices to bring an integrated room solution for video meetings, phone calls, content sharing, and interactive whiteboarding.

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  • 2-7 PEOPLE

    Huddle rooms & small meeting spaces

    Huddle rooms provide your organization with a flexible way to enhance productivity in a world of open office spaces, plentiful remote workers, and ad-hoc collaboration. Get more work done in these spaces by empowering your organization with the power of video communications and collaboration.

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  • 7-15 PEOPLE

    Conference Rooms & Boardrooms

    Bring high quality, reliable video conferencing to your conference rooms with these hardware kits.

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Elite Conferencing

The JS Tech Process

Your conferencing system is powered by our elite support. We bring a rigorous implementation process to ensure that your systems are customized to your needs and deployed in record time

We hold interviews with stakeholders and design your  conferencing systems to meet your needs.

We handle physical setup, cutovers, and training so you are never without conferencing abilities.

We support your systems as issues and questions arise.

Our proven expertise has helped NYC businesses get the Zoom conferencing systems they deserve. We deliver a superior experience from kickoff to everyday use.

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