We understand that times are changing

JS Tech can migrate your existing IT environment to the cloud, for:

Independence from your office

Nearly 100% guaranteed uptime

Secure access from anywhere

Scalability without costly upgrades

  • Hybrid Cloud Storage

    Get the best of both worlds – on-site and cloud storage – with our hybrid cloud. Our solution is fast, redundant, scalable, and safe.

  • Remote Desktop

    This shape-shifting technology allows you to pilot your work station outside of your office, as if you're sitting in front of it.

  • Cloud Transformation

    Leverage our expertise to migrate any system, even proprietary systems, to the cloud. Handle countless industry-specific use cases with redundancy and scalability.

You don’t have to be tied to your office!

Our Preferred Vendors

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Working from the Cloud

How to Enhance your Work from Home Experience with Cloud Services

Cloud Tech

Three technologies that will put you ahead of your competitors

Host your computers in the cloud, instead of in your office. Take your work on the road with you, or to your client – anywhere with an internet connection.

Google’s new speech-to-text engine has a variety of uses. It has a pre-build module for subtitling, and supports 120 different languages. Unlike with most translation services, translations are instant, and pricing runs about 5 cents per minute.

Drives piling up around your office? Clients still rely on you to keep backup copies? Amazon’s AWS glacier service is ideal for archiving old digital assets. It’s redundant to protect against loss, and off-site.

Looking for ways to get a handle on IT for free? Do IT yourself with our helpful IT info sheet!