We realize that many small businesses are undergoing significant hardships.



We’ve made some of our services available at discounted prices to ease the burden.


hour emergency consultation
  • Advice on a new tech decision:
  • Security cameras
  • IT security
  • Wifi
  • Remote tech support
  • Cloud managed services
  • Network monitoring
  • Other quick tech advice
Small IT Project (3 Hours)
  • Small IT projects such as:
  • Troubleshooting workflow problems with a service or server
  • Enabling better email security
  • Troubleshooting fileserver issues
Mid-Size IT Project (6 Hours)
  • Mid-size IT projects such as:
  • Auditing all internet-facing systems for security
  • Installing antivirus on 10 remote workstations
  • IT check-in with 6 staff members
Full Size IT Project (12 Hours)
  • Full size IT projects such as:
  • Collecting business requirements, surveying the marketplace, and providing a report on a piece of new software
  • Creating an organizational knowledge base and populate it with 10 articles based on common IT issues
  • Implementing single sign on for synchronized passwords across every service you use

For the last decade, JS Tech has been an expert in remote teleworking in the small and medium business space. We deploy these key teleworking technologies so that you never miss work opportunities:


<p style="color:#f7f7f7">Virtual Private Network</p>

Virtual Private Network

Access work servers as if you are in the office.

<p style="color:#f7f7f7">Remote Desktop</p>

Remote Desktop

Pilot your workstation as if you are sitting in front of it.

<p style="color:#f7f7f7">Remote Monitoring and Management</p>

Remote Monitoring and Management

Monitor remote workstations and apply IT security policies from anywhere.

JS Tech can build an emergency plan for business continuity, and can deploy your teleworking technologies rapidly.

You're not in this alone!

Free resources during COVID
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IT secrets: VPN anonymity and uses

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