Here at JS Tech, we love helping our clients cut their tech bills. It’s one of our core company pillars. Today, we’re talking about how to talk to your home internet provider and save money each-and-every month.

If we’re being honest, most of us aren’t getting a great deal on our Internet. 

At work, our employers handle negotiations with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ensuring quality service and affordable rates. 

But at home, the options are often limited. There may be only one provider in your apartment building, for example. And you have to accept it. 

While you may be stuck with the service available to you, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the cost they quote!

Tip #1: Pit ISPs against each other

This tip starts with picking up the phone and calling your ISP’s Retention Department. Once they’ve pulled up your account, simply ask if there are any ways for your bill to be reduced. Pay attention to the services they say you’re subscribed to, and make sure you aren’t paying for anything unnecessary. 

Once you’ve validated your services, it’s time to pit ISPs against each other. For example, if you’ve got FIOS, let them know you’re willing to switch back to Cablevision or Spectrum, or vice versa. Let them know you have options. 

Fun fact: One of our employees was able to save $240 a year ($45 a month) just by picking up the phone!

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Tip #2: Take advantage of “New customer” promos

This next tip is a great way to save up to $25 per month! Let’s say you currently have service and a new roommate moves in. Have your new roommate sign up for a new contract and cancel your existing one. 

Your service will remain the same, but you can take advantage of the “new customer” promo deals that are available through many providers. New customer rates often last a full year. And after that full year, you can switch back to your account, which will be considered “new” again. 

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Tip #3: Use your own equipment

Did you know some providers charge $5 extra every month for a billable item called “WiFi Service?” They title the charge this way so it sounds essential, but what you’re really paying for is to have their modem also blast your wifi signal. 

If you buy your own compatible router and hook it up to the modem, you can blast your own WiFi signal for free! Make sure to cancel the “WiFi Service” before hooking up your router as the signals will interfere with each other.

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Bottom line

The key message here is simple: don’t settle for the prices listed. 

Talk with your ISP and level with them, especially if you’re not a customer. They’ll want to get you back under contract and they’ll often be willing to cut you a deal. Also, look for ways to get around their pricing structure with “new customer” discounts and hidden fee workarounds. Please remember there is another human on the other end of the line, so please don’t take your frustrations out on them if they are unable to cut you the deal you were hoping for!

We all want to save money, and paying for the Internet is no exception. We hope these tips can put more dollars back into your pocket every month. 

Were you unable to negotiate your bill down to a reasonable price? Put JS Tech in the ring! Our free Techswap service helps you lower your bills so that you can invest in tech that actually works! Give us a call at 1-855-NYC-TECH to see how you can save today.