10 Years of Supporting NYC’s Technology Needs


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I started this company at age 19, out of my NYU dorm on Third Avenue. I was the “go to nerd” in my neighborhood as a kid, and for friends and family over the years. Entrepreneurship presented a whole new area of fascination—capturing customers, advertising creatively, and managing my small band of student employees.

As we worked between classes, sometimes out of a local Starbucks, the greater NYC community took notice. We began to make house calls, and in meeting small business owners on their turf, found our way to the market that we still serve today: Manhattan’s incredible small businesses.

We’ve made the same pledge to all sorts of businesses—to provide exceptional IT services at a fixed monthly cost. We help architects, startups, and medical facilities. We advise real estate developers and even some co-ops directly. But nothing has matched our love for the city’s creative and production companies.

Our work with these companies is symbiotic bliss. They face complex problems trapped between the decentralization of the cloud and roots in the physical world. They work in a variety of geographic locations, yet must appear seamless to their clients and partners. Their work impacts hearts and minds on a global scale, and they depend on us to deliver their product.


After 10 years, we are sharpening our pencils to be the very best partner to NYC’s creative and production companies. We will push the envelopes of present offerings, partner with the best vendors, and continue to deliver what we’ve promised the greater New York City community—exceptional IT services at a fixed monthly cost.

Over the next few months, look for exciting announcements related to our renaissance.