Here at JS Tech, we’ve helped clients cut costs by reducing their tech bills through our TechSwap service. Now that we’re all working from home, we’ve decided to extend that service to the home office! Learn how to talk to your home internet provider so you can potentially save on your monthly bill!

Truth be told- a lot of us likely not getting the deals that we deserve on internet. At work, your employers deal with this process- they have the capital to attain a reliable connection for the office and thus have the leverage to get the best price. At home, a lot of the times there is only one Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the apartment building. When you call to initialize your service and get a quote, it can feel like there’s no other option but to accept it and pay up. Many times the only service available in the building isn’t even reliable half the time, which adds insult to injury.

While you may be stuck with the same crap service (until another ISP decides to invest in your building) you may not be stuck with the same crap price!

Tip #1: Pit different ISPs against each other

Our best tip is to call your ISP and ask for their Retention Department. Once they’ve brought up your account, simply ask if there are any ways for your bill to be reduced currently. Pay attention to the list of services they say you’re subscribed to, and make sure you haven’t been subscribed to anything unnecessary.

If you’ve validated this and they say there is nothing to be done to reduce your account payment- pit them against another ISP. If you’ve got FIOS let them know that but you’re willing to switch back to Cablevision or Spectrum, or tell Spectrum that you’ve got FIOS in your building as an option- even if you don’t, they won’t check. 

As an example, one of our employees were paying $65 a month for Spectrum’s basic crap service and they were able to get it down to $45 a month- a savings of $240 a year just by picking up the phone and spending half an hour!

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Tip #2: Take advantage of “New customer” promos

If you have Spectrum’s service in particular, and you have a roommate with a different last name (or a friend on FIOS somewhere else), you can cancel your service under your name and open up a new account for your apartment under your roommate’s name.

This will allow you take advantage of any “new customer” promo deals and cut your costs significantly (you can save up to $25 per month!). This rate lasts for a year but once that year is up, simply cancel and open an account under your name again- at this point you will be considered a “new” customer.

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Tip #3: Use your own equipment

Again with Spectrum (notice a trend here?)- did you know you are charged $5 extra every month for a billable item called “WiFi Service”. They title it that way so it seems essential but what you’re really paying for is to have their modem also blast your wifi signal.

If you buy your own *compatible* router and hook it up to your Spectrum modem, you can blast your own wifi signal for free! Make sure you cancel the “WiFi Service” before hooking up your router as the signals will interfere with each other!

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Bottom line

Bottom line is if you talk with your ISP and level with them, especially if you’re not in contract (they’ll want to get you back in contract), they will cut you a deal and you’ll be able to even more monthly (because god knows we’re all saving money since we can’t dine out at our favorite restaurants at the moment).

Please also remember that there is another human being on the other end of the phone line, so please don’t take your frustrations out on them if they are unwilling to cut you the deal you were hoping for!

We’re you unable to negotiate your office bills down to reasonable price? Put JS Tech in the ring! Our free Techswap service helps you lower your bills so that you can invest in tech that actually works! Schedule a FREE consultation or give us a call- 855 NYC TECH!