What types of realizations will businesses have when they jump back into the office? Will the way we communicate stay the same? Here’s your tech opinion from an IT professional and NYC small business owner!

As some of us begin to transition back to the office many of us will begin to assess our tech and their shortcomings we experienced during Work From Home (WFH). Here are some of our predicted realizations small businesses (SMBs) will have when they return:

Phones and the ability to shapeshift

Old-school phones are out.

They’re nailed down to the business, there’s no ability to pick up on a cell, and they’re not app-based. Pricing is also based on analog lines, so there’s no ability to scale up or down.

Many SMBs with analog lines definitely felt this during COVID and either had to do some extra setup or find an alternative workflow for taking office calls at home.

Many returning businesses will be looking to switch to other phone alternatives like VoIP that offer the flexibility to work the way they need.

What is VoIP?

The importance of the conferencing suite

What’s the difference between your office’s conference room setup and your WFH conference setup?

Pair the status quo of zoom on a laptop with large, modern conference spaces. That’s the experience some SMBs will find when they return to their office conference rooms.

In other words, some businesses will realize that their office conference room setup is functionally the same as their conferencing setup at home- mic, camera, screen … that’s it.

In an effort to provide a better conferencing experience for clients now that we’re returning to our offices, businesses will be looking to upgrade their conferencing tech.

what is managed conferencing?

File servers and workflows

Cloud integration will be a standard.

Regaining full access to assets whilst in office will allow reconciliation between what could be accomplished remotely, and in-office.

Some SMBs, who didn’t have the correct systems in place, will have found that some of the assets they work with were inaccessible whilst WFH.

Many returning businesses will be looking to upgrade to internet-enabled systems, whether cloud or hybrid cloud.

what is hybrid cloud?

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