What’s the best tool to enable your team to work remotely? Learn about one of the simpler tools you have at your disposal- cloud based services, and improve your remote workflow!

Since most of us are all working remotely during COVID-19, we made some content relating to best practices when working remotely. In this 4 part video series we’re going to go over some of your remote working options, in order from least to most complex based on your work environment, and their pros cons so that you can get a better sense of how to improve your remote workflows.

In this post we’ll be going over one of the simpler tools at your disposal: Cloud based remote work services!

What is it?

So the first and most simple option you have is working with cloud based remote work services.  Scary title, but funny enough it’s the option you are probably most familiar with.

Here we’re talking: Gsuite, Office365, dropbox, Slack, etc.. These are work applications that you can generally access on any device, anywhere. When going with this option, you will usually be using multiple services together- for example, G suite to get work done and Slack to communicate with your team. It’s not uncommon to use one encompassing service though, like Microsoft Office 365, if it handles all your needs.

need help setting up/managing your cloud services


These services are great because of, first off, ease of use- hence its position as number 1 in this 4 part series.  Set up is generally simple, adding users to your team as well, and pricing is affordable. Because the services are in the cloud, you can access them anywhere, and most of these services offer apps for your computer and phone!

A lot of these services also have comprehensive packages to cover all your bases, with some like office 365 including its own applications to facilitate team communication.

If you are looking for a remote option that requires minimal set up, ease of use, and flexibility in how you work- this is your option!


The first thing that comes to mind is security.  Most people don’t mind, and with bigger more popular services this is less of a concern … but at the end of the day, your data is out of your control. Your data is in the cloud (not getting into the technicals, but basically your data is on a server in a building owned by your service provider, somewhere) and thus out of your hands. You have no way of protecting that physical device containing your info. So if some accident were to ever happen to that server, or service provider, like a data breach/hack or a flood at the facility (and they did not duplicate your data), your data could be compromised and there wouldn’t be anything you could do about it.

backup your g suite to a local server!

Summary/who should use?

Cloud services are great for small businesses that don’t have intensive workflows and don’t have a priority for data security or retention.

This isn’t ideal for most companies as their only remote tool, and for most businesses you’ll be using this option in tandem with some of the other tools we’ll cover later in this series.

But if all you need is email, a place to work on spreadsheets, and a place to store and share documents- then cloud based remote work services is the way to go for you and your business! If you are a graphic designer on the other hand, working on huge adobe projects, you’ll find that the extra storage some of these services offer is either not there or not scalable price-wise for you and your team.

If you fall into this latter category- stay tuned and check out our next videos for better options!

JS Tech has set up and manages many of our client’s cloud services for them- providing even simpler ease of use, quicker on boards for new hires, and the security knowing you’ve chosen the cloud service package that you need. If you’re interested in these services or looking for more direction, you can give us a call at 1-855-NYC-TECH for a consultation with one of our dedicated professionals.