3 building upgrades that will keep residents safe and happy

As a property manager, it’s your job to foster a secure and up-to-date living environment. You provide the tools that empower staff members to serve your residents better. You also set the tone for your building community, by outfitting your buildings with systems that make life easier. 

How do you set yourself apart and create a desirable building lifestyle? Here are three high-tech upgrades that your residents are sure to appreciate.

Digital postboards make announcements simple

Consider one of the most dated traditions in building management – the post board. The post board serves up vital information like building events, policies and procedures, and reminders. But every new posting requires a physical visit to the board, and space is limited.

A digital post board solves both of these problems, allowing for unlimited posting space, and instant changes made from a remote location. This is especially great for small buildings without a doorman or super. Setup is simple – most smart TVs have the capability of viewing web pages, and some even have the ability to view web-based presentations or videos. Content can be edited by the super or management company from a computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

So what’s the catch? Some TVs have better viewing angles and brightness than others, so you must choose carefully. Eco-friendly features such as auto-off must be disabled. And of course, different TV and software combinations yield varying results. We have some more tips if you’re considering this type of setup, so feel free to contact us for help.

Smartphone tech brings intercom anywhere

We all know how inconvenient it can be to scramble for that one intercom phone located somewhere in the apartment. It’s like the olympics – you summersault over a glass-top table, dodge stray shoes and socks, and look twice for Fido before realising that you’ve arrived at the receiver too late. How about when nobody’s home? The system hasn’t changed since the 1950s – it’s still seriously inconvenient.

Enter the smartphone-driven intercom. There’s still a wall-mounted video screen, but also connects to the tenant’s smartphone via the internet. The tenant can take intercom calls anywhere – even from within their own apartment – without running to the intercom location. In a doorman building, they can let friends and family up to the apartment, saving the doorman a separate call to their cell. In a walk-up, they can open the door to receive packages – one of the single biggest selling points for buildings without a doorman.

Is a full rewiring required to take advantage of the latest intercom technology? Absolutely not. Many models of smartphone intercom can operate over your existing two-wire or four-wire system that’s decades old. If you’re making upgrades anyway, some systems run on modern data networks.

The best part? Certain intercom upgrades may be eligible for MCI status on rent-stabilized buildings, so you may be able to pass on costs to your tenants. Ask us for more details.

Keep tenants safer with easy HD camera upgrades

The last innovation is something that enhances every building – security. When was the last time that you reviewed security footage? Could you actually see what was going on? If your system is 10 years old or older, chances are the camera are analog and standard definition. You can upgrade to a IP digital system, but that requires running all new cabling.

Consider HD-TVI, a camera technology that allows high definition cameras to operate over your existing analog cabling. HD-TVI systems save you a ton in cabling cost while allowing the same great image as digital network camera. Your residents benefit from increased protection, and your upgrade is much cheaper.

HD-TVI cameras can operate on digital video recorders, and can mix with new IP cameras as well. You get all the benefits of a modern digital video recorder – remote viewing, modern interfaces and controls, smart searching, alerts, and more, but using your existing wiring infrastructure. Cameras cost about the same as their IP equivalents, and are available in high resolution. They’re an easy choice as an incremental upgrade.

Want to learn more about keeping your building secure and up-to-date? Contact us to unlock the potential in your building.