Have you ever wanted to be more productive as a creative professional? Do you wish that you could spend less time tinkering with computers and more time working creatively?

We’ve got three production technologies that will put you ahead of your peers.

Invest in the power of 10 Gig Ethernet

Ever dream of faster internet for better connectivity to cloud apps and storage? 10 GigE is ten times faster than the last generation’s leading internet connection. It allows you to transfer an hour of raw 4k footage to the cloud or a partner in just 15 minutes. That’s quicker than running a physical hard drive across town!

But the best part is, ten times the speed doesn’t mean ten times the cost. 10 GigE is available at most businesses in Manhattan for a reasonable premium over gigabit internet. It’s delivered over the same type of fiber that powers existing high-bandwidth internet connections. Special networking gear is required to take advantage of the next-generation speeds, but this hardware has become more and more reasonable.

So how do you see whether 10 GigE is right for your business? Contact one of NYC’s many internet service providers, or let us be your guide in navigating the large internet services market in NYC.

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Move workstations to the cloud

If you’re anything like our clients, you spend a lot of time and money keeping your creative suite running. Sometimes you have to buy computers for a particular gig that you know won’t be in use in six months. Do you invest in state-of-the-art computers to keep your freelancers happy? Take a chance on some temporary used hardware? Either way, there’s no scalability to it.

Cloud workstations change all of that by moving the heavy lifting to the cloud. You can provision an unlimited number of cloud workstations at an instant, and delete them just as quickly when you no longer need them.

You can access a cloud workstation in several ways. Any computer, even an outdated model, can download a software client to connect to high powered workstations in the cloud. For a few hundred dollars, you can buy a zero-client – a dedicated piece of hardware that connects to the cloud and allow you to access your cloud workstation. In both cases, you can drive multiple monitors at 4k – plenty of room for any creative workflow.

And the best part: you can just as easily log in from the field or a client site, so you’re no longer tied to your office for creative work. Imagine being able to sit at a client’s office and review color correction on your own workstation. How about video conferencing with a partner across the country, and sharing control of a creative workspace in 4K? These technologies make you into a digital shapeshifter, allowing you to deliver an unprecedented customer service experience, irrespective of location.

You pay for cloud workstations by usage, with billing in per-minute increments. Costs are similar to those of equivalent high-end workstations, respective of the maintenance and frequent updates that on-site hardware requires.

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Onboard new employees with one touch

How much time do you spend preparing for new employees and freelancers? For each new staff member, you have to create a new email address, provision a new computer, grant server access, and set up logins to other services like Slack. The same happens in reverse when someone leaves your organization. There’s a time investment required for onboarding and offboarding that could be better spend managing other issues around changing personnel.

What if a central service could manage access to everything, so that one switch could activate or deactivate a user in your many systems? This is exactly the case with identity management. There are many solutions out there, but the result is the same – no more laundry list of to-dos for onboarding and offboarding. You’re guaranteed to save time and headaches that come with performing this delicate work manually.

Need advice on implementing any of these technologies and more? Drop us a line.