Identity/Triptent  is a creative agency and production house.    Scope:  High speed edit systems, network infrastructure, new wiring, IP phones, computer management and maintenance, construction planning   Reference:  Alex Lose - Director of Content 212-683-2500
  The St. Tropez Condominium  is Manhattan's oldest co-op.   Scope (in progress):  All technology items related to the lobby and 14th floor renovations: network, wireless, audio visual, security camera, intercom, IP phone   Reference:  Edwin Pinzón - Resident Manager 212-751-6345
  Westside Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation  is a chain of sports medicine clinics in lower Manhattan.   Scope:  Security cameras, network infrastructure, new wiring, IP phones, HIPAA compliance and IT security   Reference:  David Bernstein - Manager 212-262-7246
  Hand in Hand for Haiti  is a 501(c)(3) that operates a free school in St-Marc, Haiti.   Scope (pro-bono):  Wireless throughout 20+ school buildings, fiber-optic network backbone, remote and on-site maintenance   Reference:  Erin Morales